High-efficiency Design and Developments

1:12 designers,4 for slipper and flipflop,8 for boots-trainers-sport shoes

2:Every year we generate 1200 new styles for slipper/flipflops,1800 new styles for lady shoes

3: Quick communication with customers, new designs customerized will be shown within 48 hours.

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The Three Centers

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1, 30 workers in Dongguan , 25 pairs/day

2, 20 workers in Hefei for slipper,50 pairs/day

3, 5 workers in Fujian for flipflops,50 pairs/day

New Factories in Southeast Asia

Produce some flipflops in Indonesia in 2024.

One factory producing lady shoes is planning to move Vietnam

Safe Supply Chain

Variety of cooperated factories for each category in different areas

Lady shoe factories are located in Guangdong/Zhejiang(our hold factory)

Slipper factories are in Anhui/Jiangsu(one hold factory for Disney slippers)

Flipflop factories are in Fujian

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